Campania 2017

In the period 18.10. – 20. 10. 2017, the didactic activities took place with young people by organizing open lessons in the Dry Ponor cave of Natura 2000 Cheile Nerei – Beusnita with the students groups “Friends of caves” from the schools in the project area in Anina, Bozovici, Cărbunari, Ciclova Română, Lăpuşnicu Mare, Oraviţa and Sasca Montană.

There were 121 students from the seven schools together with 14 teachers (teachers, teachers, educators) at a special educational activity, and they understood why it is important to protect caves and bats. At the end of the activity, the diplomas of the participating pupils and teachers were awarded, together with informative materials about caves and bats.

Students in each school will organize a drawing exhibition entitled “Caves and Bats” and will send materials to the Timis Environmental Protection Agency within 2 weeks.

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