Schoolchildren of Caras – Friends of caves in Natura 2000 site Nera – Beuşniţa

The Environmental Protection Agency Timis from 18 November 2015 started the series of educational activities in schools of Caras County: Anina, Bozovici, Cărbunari, Ciclova Romana, Ilidia, Lăpuşnicu Mare, Moceriş Oravita, Potoc, Sasca Montana, in order to create groups of students which are caves Friends. We will sensitize and educate the next generation on a conservative and responsible spirit to the nature.

Over 200 students from these 10 schools had the opportunity to participate together with their teachers in a particular educational activity. Guided by experts from the Environmental Protection Agency Timis and Speleological Association “Explorers” Resita, they understand why it is important to protect the caves and the bats.

The students from each school organized a drawing exhibition, with the theme “Life in the cave.” Guided by theirs teachers they have done models of the cave life through the eyes of a child.

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